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Increasing Your Adaptive Capacity Through Chirodontics

There is a big difference between “not sick” and “not healthy” states, but both are without symptoms. The larger the distance between sickness and health, the larger the person’s “Adaptive Capacity.” This is what we want to increase as much as possible. By balancing biomechanical, biochemical, and electromagnetic health, the body’s adaptive capacity becomes more resilient to everyday stresses, environmental changes, and common health issues that normally overpower an unbalanced immune system.

Chirodontics Is Individually Measured To Maximize Results

As we pursue this balancing, it is important to remember that some people have very small adaptive capacities and need more care to get symptom free. This can be genetic, traumatic, or environmentally driven. The further towards a state of health a person can achieve, the less likely they are to get sick or hurt.

True health care is a continual process of seeking optimum function and homeostasis.

What is Chirodontics?

Chirodontics is a multidisciplinary approach that involves Chiropractic, Cranial/Dental orthopedics, Structural Mechanics, and Nutritional Support to allow for optimal balancing of the nervous system.

The patient is carefully analyzed for distortions in the major transverse planes of the body; namely the pelvis, diaphragm, shoulder, occiput, eyes and maxilla.  These distortions are recorded in the anterior-posterior, lateral and axial views so that a full picture of the body is provided.   We like to use the aeronautical terms Roll, Pitch and Yaw.

Careful analysis of the cranial distortion pattern provides us with additional information about the cranial bones, occlusal patterns and TMJ position/dysfunction.

Chirodontic practitioners look at the whole system, inside and out.  We investigate the biomechanical, biochemical, and electromagnetic influences that are disrupting the nervous system Then a specific Syntax, or proper order of correction, is designed to ensure maximal effect with minimal effort.

The cranial manipulation done is different from the cranial sacral work done by lay practitioners. We specifically and gently move the cranial bones to remove facial and cranial asymmetries which helps restore proper neurological function.

Very often, it is necessary to co-treat with other advanced practitioners like dentists and orthodontists ,functional medicine doctors and rehab specialists in our area. Realigning the teeth and providing support for the TMJ is paramount to the overall support of the rest of the musculoskeletal system and helps maintain the cranial and cervical corrections.

There are over 200 post graduate hours required for Chirodontic Certification and for a Doctor to obtain this status they have devoted an extreme amount of time and resources to be able to deliver you the highest possible quality of care. For more information go to www.Chirodontics.com



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Mary Jo. – SOT Patient

“Dr Walker is fantastic.  She is very knowledgeable and treats at a high level.”

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